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About Us

At Brahmbhatt Architects

We offer one stop A/E services including Design, Construction Documents, Bidding, Construction Administration, Construction Management, LEED Certification and Energy Efficiency consultations. We have a variety of experience in Architecture, Planning, Development and Energy Efficiency consultancy. Our portfolio includes small to big design projects with expertise in Healthcare, Education, Residential, Commercial, Food Services and Religious facilities. The principal’s unique knowledge of energy efficiency in buildings have been a great advantage to our clients and a special consideration for selection. We apply basic sustainable principals, available state of the art building equipment and elements and advanced features to all of our projects irrespective of the green certification goals.

We have successfully completed many design-build projects with contractors for private and public sectors.

Our Clients Include:

  • Healthcare Provider's
  • Corporate Restaurant Franchises
  • Private Developers
  • General Contractors
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